Halloween 2020



Jacqueline Vandrare.

They say when the church bells ring, you can hear her maniacal laughter carried by the breeze.

The circumstances around Jacquelines death are widely speculated. Whatever they may be, her death was anything but peaceful. Her soul, left to wander the Earth, looking for justice.

Jacqueline’s soul was angry. Like a deep fire. A rage she couldn’t explain. She spent her days torturing those unlucky enough to cross her then left them behind to rot.

Until she met him.

Then for the first time, she mourned herself.

But he didn’t know her fate. To him, she was a beautiful young woman, full of life. Only a photograph could reveal the truth.

He was a gravitational force, pulling her in. Their love grew, out of control, a bad weed.

But she knew it could never last. The end loomed over her.

“Til death do us part” she whispered.

So she concocted a plan to be together forever. His heart would stop but his soul would live on and they could be joined together in death.

The method of death is inconsequential but it’s important to note he never saw it coming.

The wedding was perfect. Beautiful, elegant, unsuspecting.

That evening, Jacqueline enacted her plan; to have him with her forever and always.

His heart stopped.

He never woke.

His heart stopped.

He never rose.

His heart stopped.

Her scream, could wake the dead. But not him.

“Till death do us part” she whispered to herself as she watched his lifeless body.

He didn’t awaken and he wasn’t coming back. She will never know where her plan went wrong. Maybe he was at peace with love for her that his soul passed on. Maybe it was because it was a selfish act. Speculation is all that is left.

Her soul was tired. Her heart had rotted away long ago, but her soul, her soul was tired.

Her sorrow was all consuming, like a cage she couldn't break free of. As his body chilled, her pain only grew.

She lay down beside him.

She took his head in her hands and cradled him close.

She lay down next to his rotting corpse, never moving.

She laid down next to him for all eternity.

'Til tragedy do us part.

The end.

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